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Tanker Services


We offer various Tanker Services like:

1. Removal

• Sewage water removal
• Trade waste removal
• Industrial waste removal
• Sludge removal
• Salt water removal

2. Collection

• Sewage water removal
• Trade waste collection
• Supply of TSE water

3. Supply

• Supply of sweet water
• Supply of TSE Water
• Supply of Potable Water
• Sludge removal
• Supply of Salt water

4. Irrigation tanker in Dubai (TSE Water tanker services)

We provide TSE water for the purpose of irrigation with the help of our large size tankers. TSE tanker or irrigation tanker is a huge tanker which holds enough water to irrigate large fields with the help of connected pipes. Blue Line provides TSE tanker services in dubai with utmost efficiency and expertise.

5. Swimming pool water (fill my pool services)

We fill all types of swimming pools, whether big or small. Our diverse fleet of tankers make it possible to carry large amounts of water and fill your pool anytime, anywhere.

All the above services are carried out using tankers having varied capacities. We own 5000 gallons and 10000 gallons tankers in Dubai.

Sewage Tanker Services in Dubai

Sewage Removal Services in Dubai, Sewage waste water is (non-hazardous waste) that is generated from communities, labour camps, offices and industrial areas. Its collected in holding tanks not have or having sewerage network drain lines. Such wastes are collected by vaccum tanker and disposed to sewerage treatment plant.

Salt water Tanker

Are you looking for Salt Water Tanker in Dubai, Blue Line is one the leading transport company they supply Salt water tankers in Dubai UAE. We have 15000 gallon tanker to 1000-gallon water tanker in Dubai UAE.

Salt Water Supplier in Dubai

Saltwater, also referred to as saline water is used for a number of purposes such as construction, landscaping, pools etc.In addition to sweet water and portable water, our supply and transportation services include supplying of saltwater to different locations in Dubai.

To ensure timely delivery of salt water, We are equipped with a dedicated team and well-maintained tankers. Every day a substantial number of saltwater tankers are served to construction sites, marine industry and various other purposes in Dubai. Besides supplying saltwater in Dubai, Blue Line also has expertise in saltwater removal.

Sweet Water Tanker Supply

We are a leading Sweet Water Tanker Supply Company in Dubai , UAE. We are specialized in Sweet Water Tanker Supply, TSE Water Tanker Supply, Salt Water Tanker Supply , Potable Water Tanker Supply to construction Sites, restaurant , Hotel, Swimming Pools. Sweet Water Tanker And Salt Water Tanker We Supply in Following Capacity Such as 15,000 Gallons, 10,000 Gallons, 5000 Gallons, 1000 Gallons at affordable price. Water Tanker Supplier, Sweet water is mainly used for filling up swimming pools, Restaurants,, Residential complex, construction sites or areas where there is no pipeline. It is also used by consumers when DEWA water is shut due to some emergency.

When it comes to providing sweet water tanker Supply in Dubai, Blue Line is your reliable service provider. To ensure highest quality, we supply sweet water only from DUBAL.DUBAL's potable water meets the Dubai Municipality. While delivering our services, we mainly focus on innovative techniques to maintain the hygiene and quality of water. Through a dedicated team and quality focus, we have established ourselves as the most trustworthy brand Water tanker supplier in Dubai, UAE.

Sweet Water Supply For Swimming Pool

We Supply Water Tanker for Swimming Pool With a fleet of tankers and highly skilled manpower, We supply sweet water tanker to different work sites throughout Dubai. In addition to Water Tanker Supply, we also Provide Salt Water Tanker, TSE Water Tanker, Irrigation Water tanker and sweet water tanker in Dubai, UAE. Our team is well trained and hardworking to deliver on your expectations. We ensure timely and cost efficient delivery of sweet water Supply in Dubai.

Our tanker services are done on
  • Sewage Water
  • Hazardous Waste Water
  • Trade Water
  • Salt Water
  • Sweet Water
  • TSE Water