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Lift Station & Sump Pit Cleaning


When change in ground elevation make proper drainage difficult, lift stations keep wastewater flowing correctly. Lift stations, like tanks and pipes, can become clogged from accumulated waste. When this occurs, the tank may begin to overflow and cause unsanitary, foul smelling puddles to form.

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Sewage pump pit and sump pumps work to pump out the sewage and waste water. When these Sump pits accumulate debris that cannot be pumped out our role begins. Over flown and full septic sewage sump pits spread odor and drain lines blockage. Cleaning of the sump is typically carried out by our experienced engineers. Our engineers will be able to recommend bespoke cleaning. Cleaning out a sump pit is something that most homeowners do not think to do. That is until the sump pump stops working and they discover there are sediment and debris buildup causing problems